PR planning & Consulting


Shaping Markets and Society through New Insights

We believe that PR should go beyond generating media exposure to broaden consumer awareness and shape markets.

Core strengths for materializing that vision:

1. Planning

We optimize solutions after gathering and analyzing information through our network of experts and journalists and databases and undertaking overseas research. It is important to create and effectively deliver key messages.

2. Execution

We ensure systematic media exposure by communicating strategically through TV, newspapers, social networking sites, and through word of mouth based on well conceived plans.

3. Partnership

All of our staffers are PR veterans who have devoted years to building strong partnerships with customers and flexibly and carefully respond to requests/needs for succeeding in communication challenges.

4. Expertise

Our skills are most evident in risk and crisis management, for which we organize special teams of internal and affiliated professionals.

5. Networked

We are Japan’s sole member of MTI Network, whose 22 offices around the globe constitute the world’s top crisis communications network for the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries. We collaborate with other MTI partners to gather and disseminate information.

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