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The technical field of ppc

Marketing Communications

Our PR activities expand markets by increasing awareness of new products and services.

Food and Beverage PR

We leverage our experience and strong relationships with food professionals, journalists, and other key opinion leaders to develop unique strategies that drive markets.

Healthcare PR

We foster trust between the public, medical professionals, and other stakeholders through educational programs, news pitches, and other vehicles.

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

We craft strategies that enhance the standings of our clients and help build strong relationships with the media by streamlining news distribution.

Risk and Crisis Management

We mitigate damage through plans encompassing everything from business risk assessments, crisis preparations and communication support to recovery after crises. We identify risk factors and challenges through stakeholder interviews and proprietary analytical techniques. Our all-round services include media training, reputation management in social networking services, and crisis recovery programs.

Government and Industry Associations

We promote tourism and local products to revitalize regional brands and improve understanding of industries.

TV Exposure

We strategically present the benefits of products and services through influential TV programs.

Social Media

We build on traditional media initiatives in leveraging social media to reinforce messaging to target people.

Opinion Research and Analysis

We evaluate news coverage about companies, industries, or issues as part of efforts to customize risk communications and promotional plans.

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